Visits Over Time doesn't show today automatically

Hi Friends,
I changed the date range in Visits Over Time widget, a couple of weeks ago, to be able to see more than just the last couple of weeks. But now that I’ve changed it back to “day”, it doesn’t keep up.

I mean, it used to automatically show me today, in Visit Over Time widget, every time I opened it. But now when I open it, it’s still showing me the last day I looked at it. It doesn’t automatically update to today, anymore. I have to always open the little calendar, and choose today’s date.

Is there anything I can do to make it go back to automatically showing me the current date?

Thank you very much.

Sorry, I forgot to say my version is 2.15. I know, not up to current. But I get so frustrated when upgrades come so fast. There’s almost always something I have to tweak or change or learn about. So I put it off as long as I can.

If you think I should upgrade, to try and fix it, just let me know.

Thanks again


While I haven’t heard of this issue before, updating to the latest Matomo version is something I’d really recommend. Large parts were rewritten and chances are that this has fixed you issue.

And even if updating doesn’t solve it for you, you can help reproduce the issue, so it gets fixed for everyone.