Visits in real time showing visits, but visits over time shows nothing

I’m new to Matomo and I am in the process of setting up a website to use its analytics.

I have copied the javascript code to the website page(s) I am testing, and also have added some HTML tag event tracking. When I visit the site, the visits log and real-time reports show the correct pages and events, but most of the other reports show no data such as visits over time, visits overview, visits map, page views, event data, etc.


The reports (apart from the visits log) are only generated when Matomo runs the archiving job. Depending on your settings this is done while you are visiting them (browser archiving) or when the cronjob runs (which you would have to set up on your server. How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo)

The latter is of course faster as the reports are already there when you open Matomo.

Oh, OK. That makes sense. I’m just implementing the tags on the site and to my knowledge I have no privileges to set up the archiving. I will speak to the admin about it!

Thank you for the reply!

If I am understanding you correctly, though, you mention that if I visit a report (browser archiving) it should populate? I don’t see any report populate when I visit the report. Is there a setting somewhere that I need to speak to the admin about to have the reports actually generate?


Yes, unless you have disabled this setting in the General settings:

Hrm, ok. I don’t have access to that setting so I will have to check with the account holder when he gets back from vacation.

Thanks you for the reply!