"Visits in real time" card disappeared

I have just reinstalled matomo on a new server and I realized that when I access a site I am missing the “real time visits” tab which has always been in the first column …

I don’t know if I took it off or if it is missing, but anyway, how do I put it back?

What do you mean “first column”?

First column… now a lot of empty space… and no “visits in real time”…

You can add the widget thanks to the menu:

Sometimes, the dashboard is “shared” between users, so if one updates the dashboard, it will be updated for everyone…

I have found the widgets, but I have not found what I am looking for. What I’m looking for is this.
Schermata del 2020-10-27 02-25-20
(part of an old screenshot)
It showed the visits in the last 24 hours and in real time detailed information about the visits.

Now what I find that most resembles him is this.
Schermata del 2021-08-26 21-10-36

And I don’t have much else …

where did it go? There is no more?

Maybe something has been disabled there:

No, nothing is disabled, but weirdly we find “live”, but we don’t find “activityLog”.

When configuring the crontab, we chose to use /dev/null instead of the logs url https://matomo.org/docs/setup-auto-archiving/, and we see matomo logs in the apache access_logs now, in the old installation they were not among the apache logs, but we also changed the server from centos to ubuntu.

Can any of these affect?

Another thing, how can we remove matomo logs from apache access_log? (without creating any other damage)


ActivityLog is a premium plugin and unrelated to this issue.

Can you make sure in the Plugin list that the Live plugin is not disabled?

Also check the system check for warnings


And no error…

Do you see any error in the console of your browsers developer tools (F12) when the widget is not loading. Or is there maybe an adblocker or something similar blocking some requests?

No, no console errors. The browser is the same as before, firefox on linux mint, the only big change was the server … from centos to ubuntu 20.04 with php8.
php8 has introduced several new restrictions and deprecated functions, maybe something is not working anymore?

One thing I noticed is that before I did not see matomo logs in apache access_logs, now yes, and I would like to move them, this can somehow create the problem?