Visits by Days Since Last Visit seems wrong

Hi. I’m pretty new to piwik and to analytics in general. I am using the C# piwik library to send data manually into piwik. All is fine except the "“Visits by Days Since Last Visit” section. The problem is that every visit is considered a new visit, even if there is only one user that does all the visits. For example if I have the following user with these visits:

The Visits by Days Since Last Visit section looks like this:

(sorry it seems I can only put one image)

New visits: 4
1 days: 0
2 days: 0
… all is: 0

Is this supposed to work this way? From what I understand it should be something this:

New visits: 1
1 days: 3
2 days: 1
3 days: 0

@kudorgyozo i meet same question. Did you fix it?

How does the source code look that triggers the request?

If you choose days since last visit equals 1, wouldn’t it basically be everyone that visited the site within the last day? That’s not what I get.