Visits by Days Since Last Visit seems wrong

(Gyozo Kudor) #1

Hi. I’m pretty new to piwik and to analytics in general. I am using the C# piwik library to send data manually into piwik. All is fine except the "“Visits by Days Since Last Visit” section. The problem is that every visit is considered a new visit, even if there is only one user that does all the visits. For example if I have the following user with these visits:

The Visits by Days Since Last Visit section looks like this:

(sorry it seems I can only put one image)

New visits: 4
1 days: 0
2 days: 0
… all is: 0

Is this supposed to work this way? From what I understand it should be something this:

New visits: 1
1 days: 3
2 days: 1
3 days: 0

(Huang0808) #3

@kudorgyozo i meet same question. Did you fix it?

(Peterbo) #4

How does the source code look that triggers the request?