Visits apparently not recorded after server migration


Matomo was running fine before I’ve transferred it to a new server. The domain name has not changed, but there is a new SSL certificate. PHP any mySQL versions are newer than they were on the old server. The websites itself have not changed. The tracking code is embedded via the Drupal module. The settings page of the module still saves without any errors. The problem is as follows.

No visits or pageviews are displayed for any site from the day of the migration onwards. The All Websites dashboard shows only zeros. The Visits Over Time graph in the dashboard and the Visitors Overview also show 0 visits accordingly. The Visitors in Real-time box however does show visits and actions in the last 24 hours and 30 minutes. When I visit the site though, no new visits are recorded. The same is true for the Visitor Log. There are actions from today, but apparently not all are recorded.

At first I thought there might have been a problem with the database export because the GUI tool that I was using crashed and I had to export the database in parts. But I have replaced the database with a new, clean export from mysqldump since then.

I’m out of ideas. Can anybody help me?


When Matomo isn’t tracking anything it helps opening your browsers developer tools and check for errors there.

But it seems like the data is collected, but no (not-live) reports are being generated.

So is it possible that you didn’t set up the cronjob after moving but have still disabled browser archiving?

Oooooooohh, I totally forgot about that. Yes, the cron job still ran the script on the old server. After running it on the new machine I now get at least some visits. The graphs are filled again. :slight_smile: I’m not yet convinced that it’s all of them. But I’ll see.

Thank you very much for your help!

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