Visitors overview litte display bug for German language


After update to piwik 3.0.0 there is a little bug in the visitors overview.
If i use English language:
Visits Overview
66,317 visits, 11,426 unique visitors

If i us German Language:
66.317 Besuche, 11 Eindeutige Besuche

There are only 11 instead 11426 unique users.


Thanks, will be fixed in 3.0.1

Same problem still exists in the Dutch translation. 7557 visitors is displayed as 7,56 visitors while the English version shows 7,557 (earlier it showed 7,5 for 7502 visitors)

version 3.13.0

Hi @rmpel,

This is a bug in 3.13.0 and will be fixed with

in 3.13.1

Excellent :slight_smile: thank you! Our client will be pleased :):grinning: