Visitors online now

Hi all,

Sorry if this is a dumb question. I can see “Visitors in Real time - last 30 minutes” but can I see how many visitors are on my website right now?


Yes add the widget “REAL TIME > Real time visitor Count”.

See: Piwik 1.12, New Features, API Improvements, Stability - The Last Piwik 1.X Release - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Oh so it comes with the new 1.12 - nice timing for me - thanks :slight_smile:

Also can I see the number of visitors in a day but can I see the number of visitors in smaller periods such as per hour / half hour / minute? Visitors in Real time shows the last 30 minutes but then this is only one period of 30 minutes.

Can I see something like this:

3pm - 4pm - x vistors
4pm - 5pm - y visitors
5pm - 6pm - z visitors

The biggest number of visitors online / actions at the same time today (ie the busiest time for the website) was 4.35 pm (or between 4.00 pm and 5pm) when there were n visitors online.