Visitors map not completely working since latest update


Since the last update, I have noticed that my visitor map is no longer displaying the countries. It seems to still be recording everything, but if you click on a country, this text is displayed.

TypeError: undefined is not a function

It also does not show on the map it self, looks as if it its not recording for the map it self. You can see the countries that have visitors from them are white instead of the blue.

To see if it was something in the script, I downloaded a fresh copy of the script and uploaded it to the site overwriting what was there. I also deleted everything from the tmp folder.

I looked through the forums and didn’t see anything. For updating the script, I used the automated system and showed no errors that I saw.
Any idea’s?


Update, it seems to be a bug I am having with Chrome. I am using “Version 38.0.2125.77 beta-m (64-bit)” which is the beta version because the stable version was causing issues. Works fine in FF.