Visitors in real time widget

with the 1.1 version, the Visitors in Real Time widget do not show anymore the visitors from 00.00 AM to now - nice to see the evolution of the visits during the day. Now, it shows totals visitors for the last 24 hours and is not very interesting…

avec la version 1.1, le widget Visitors in Real Time n’affiche plus les nouveaux visiteurs depuis minuit du jour précédent, ce qui permettais de voir l’évolution des visiteurs dans la journée. Maintenant, il n’affiche le total des visiteurs pour les 24 dernières heures, ce qui est beaucoup moins parlant.

Agree… try see my problem :S …

I share your opinion.

It is nearly useless to know the amount of visitors within the last 24 hours.
But it was very useful in the past, to know how much visitors you had since 0:00 this day.

Please revert this - or at least add the “Visitors Today” again in addition.

What do you think?

Well, we have to wait if the 1.1.1 version correct this behaviour… tomorrow at 00:00 AM :slight_smile:

Well, same problem today…