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t would be nice if I can get all infomation about the width size of a user he uses.
At the moment (Version 3.0.1) I only find “Screen Resulotion” but as interesting as screen resolution is the browser window resolution. I found only a suggestion from 2011 in forum but cannot find the feature in piwik.

Greetings Andreas

          Browser window width:    1613
          Browser window height:    763
          Screen width:            1920
          Screen height:           1080
          Screen color depth:        24

I do no know it it is possible to track but in this context it is of interest if a user resize the browser window (from -> to).

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I would like to bump this feature suggestion as well.

The browser window size is much more useful than screen resolution. I also came across the same thread from 2011:

…the link that user julienm posted doesn’t work, so I’m not sure if this issue is being tracked anymore. Is there a status update on whether this feature was included somewhere in the current Piwik?


I think it should be possible to solve this with Custom Dimensions.