Visitors coming from external sites

I can see how many visitors are entering my small blog from external websites and/or social networks.
It could be very interesting if Matomo can show me the PAGE of the external source that contains the link to my blog.
Is it possible to have such a feature?


You can uncollapse the domain in the Websites report to see the complete URL.

In case you don’t see it there, then it has technical reasons. Matomo just stores the Referrer as it is recorded in your Browser. Many websites use a Referrer-Policy to tell the browser that it is not allowed to tell the linked website the full URL, but e.g. just the domain itself. The same is true when coming from HTTPS to non-HTTPS websites.

Hi Lukas.
thank you indeed for your prompt reply.
I was aware of the ‘uncollaps’ feature but indeed cannot see the exact page that contains the URL.
For example in Google Analitycs I can do it.
This is interesting because I usually go and read the article in order to understand why my blog is linked.


The easiest way to understand this better is to try it out yourself. Go to a website that links to your website. Open your browsers developer tools (F12) and the JS console. Click on the link to your website. Enter document.referrer into the console. You will get the referrer that the browser allows to see and which is the data that is sent to Matomo.

Thanks again for your time!