Visitors appearing in real-time but not in visitors reports

I’ve just installed Matomo and have a problem. I can see my visitors listed in the ‘real time visitors’ widget, but the reports like ‘visitors over time’ just show zeros.

I’ve checked and I have ‘archive reports when viewed from the browser’ turned on - so I haven’t set up a cron job.

I’ve checked the contents of my database tables, and I can see that there are entries in matomo_log_visit for my visits.

I can’t understand why these visits are not appearing in the visitors graphs.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve looked around online but most of the posts about this sort of problem seem to be from quite a few years ago and I suspect they’re out of date.

A screenshot of the database statistics report is shown below:



I’ve also just enabled php logging, and can’t see any errors in the php log file.

Hi @robintw
The archiving process seems to not have been run on your instance. Have a look at :gear: > System > General Settings, and select:

  • Archive reports when viewed from the browser: Yes
  • Archive reports at most every X seconds : The minimum delay between refresh But take into account that data archiving is a quite long process, and it is not advised to have small period.

If your report is fresher than the defined period and you try to watch it again, it won’t be reprocessed.

For better performance, I would suggest you:

Last tip: Most of the time, report on unfinished time-frame (eg current day, current week) don’t give real insight of reality, as they can’t be compared to any previous (finished) time-frame.