visitorgeneratorPlugin mariadb nginx sync uploads

Hi all I’m trying to sent my own acess.log files to a mariadb piwik db under ubuntu with nginx and LEMP. I use the visitorgenerator plugin to upload the data to the piwik database. This goes fine in first case but after some uploads the trendline don’t show new records are written to the database. After each upload I can somehow see new records in the Visitors Log but I cannot see the visitors in the visitors overview. and in the trendline the visitors are going down and report 0 visitors 0 unique visitors. The trendline from returning visitors shows up fine but the trendline for visitors is not showing up any data how come the data is corrupted I use piwik 2.16.0 Server version: 10.0.23-MariaDB-1~trusty

what I must do to get piwik reporting the data correct

I started over to see what goes wrong in the database why the referential integrity is lost I started over with the visitorgenerator plugin and used the console to generate fake visits for a period of a year
user@ubutupc:/var/www/html/piwik$ ./console visitorgenerator:generate-visits --idsite 1 --days 365 --limit-fake-visits 1000

idsite = 1
396843 Visits generated
62 requests per second

But when I check the trendline I see visits are not the same numbers as what the console reported

So my question is where are all the reall numbers gone and why I have such a big period without data only the starting month and ending month of my year range show visits arer generated the other days show no visits second the visits in the trendline dont show up the numbers in the console what is happening

I started over with the initial state of the database and ran the visitorgenerator plugin from the console for second trial the gap seems to stay there are no new visits generated even if I place other logfiles in my /data folder. I want to try to give the option no-fake so the next generation of visits starts from a period where I dont have a trend of visitors but this doesnt take into consideration that the loggin of fake visits must start with the month I supplied in the logfile. no-fake is not really no-fake the data is not inserted in the range where I have no new visits

I used the command: sudo ./console core:archive --force-all-periods
this helped to get rid of the missing data in the visitors trendline . But still I notice I must regularly archive the db to see the insert effect