Visitor Tracking Problem

(Marcel Morgenstern) #1


we are using Piwik/Matomo for years now and I always had no problems, but since 10th of January we recognize a strange issue.
Mystically we are loosing our unique visitors and visits. Since then the amount of visitors and unigue visitors dropped down to 1/3rd of the normal amount. I compared it to GA and in comparisson to GA we only have 1/4th of the users. I know that GA always has a bit more due to tracking policy of Matomo and we are pleased with that , but now its no longer acceptable.
We have had no change in our code and also no changes in Matomo. So we are just facing this issue and we have no glue how to fix it at the moment. So maybe some of you can give me an advise or a solution how to fix this.

Thanks in advance,


(Lukas Winkler) #2


Can you maybe double-check if there is some webserver configuration that may exclude a fraction of the users. (e.g. a SSL config that isn’t considered secure anymore by some browsers or mod_security that blocks some requests based on text in the url parameters)

You could also use this guide to check if a single page view is really saved correctly.

(Marcel Morgenstern) #3


Thanks for your fast reply, I rechecked everything and there is nothing new. We did not changed anything since December 18th. We also identified such a behavior a while ago while running an A/B-Test. It starts right out of nowhere that we are loosing the tracking of the visit. On the other side, the numbers of pageviews seem to be the same as before.

I appreciate your help.

(Marcel Morgenstern) #4

Dear Lukas,

I could figure out the problem. After a bunch of tests and checks, I recognized, with the help of our development-admin, that our piwik instance is set to a new proxy-instance which I did not know till now. So I just had to add a line into our config/config.ini.php:

proxy_client_headers[] = HTTP_X_xxx_FORWARDED_FOR

I appriciate for spending your time.

Regards, Marcel