Visitor Profile Naming

Is there a way to name a particular Visitor Profile? By this I mean, say I have identified a particular IP address as belonging to somebody could I name that profile for future tracking and identification?

Hi there, to name a visitor you can use USER ID feature: User ID - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Hi there, I’m looking for the same feature.
Actually I would like to remove me from the reports. I identified my ID and would like to put my name instead.

I tried to use the User ID feature but doesn’t see how and where I can write a custom pseudonym when displaying the profile visitor.

On my website there is no account available for visitors (it’s a blog). The User ID feature seems to be for websites with visitor accounts, doesn’t it?


This requires users to be able to log into your website based on your provided instructions.
Is it possible to label an IP address so that it is easier to identify the visitor?
Visitor Profile: “Name of Visitor” and perhaps even add a visitors picture?