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I have a problem with the new visitor map in piwik 1.11.1

I have a list with several IP addresses and their locations. So I took the log_visit table in the piwik database and filled location_region, location_city, location_latitude and location_longitude with these data in order to visualize the locations of the IP addresses from my list.

Unfortunately, I can see only the last changed row in the piwik visitor map, i.e only one location. All other locations are not presented in the map (the rows are created within the selected time interval). Does anyone know why?

Thank you for your help.


Your data was probably already processed into the archive tables. You can trigger re-processing as described here: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thank you for your help!

I called,2013-03-19,2013-03-20,2013-03-21,

which returned

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

Success. The following dates were invalidated successfully: 2013-03-18, 2013-03-19, 2013-03-20, 2013-03-21, 2013-03-22

html { padding-top: 34px ! important; border-top: 1px solid transparent; }

Still, the visits are not shown in the map correctly. They are correctly included in the textual representation of the visits, i.e. correct counts and correct values for continent, region and city. They are even correctly counted in the text just beside the map (=2 visits), but in the map is just one circle for one visit.

I do have only to visits in my test environment, they were produced last week. One visit is shown in the visitor map and the other in the real time visitor map …

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check in the visitor logs that the lat/long are set for the visitor, on hover of visitor IP field.

visitor ip as well as their GPS latitude/longitude values are shown in the hover text; other data like browser and plugin are correct too