Visitor map highlights French Guyana for visitor from France

I’m new to Matomo, so I apologize if this is an obvious one. I didn’t find a solution when searching these forums.
I have enabled Geolocation and configured my Nginx with the geoip2 module and new Country and City databases from maxmind.

It seems to work fine, but I just noticed that on the I have a single visitor from France, but in the world-wide map French Guyana in South America is highlighted.

If I click the country it then shows Europe, it also highlights France in Europe (and I only have 1 visitor). So I am assuming it is making a mistake mapping the name.
I looked in side and I think it is a mistake in the SVG file, but I don’t know enough to say for sure.

/var/www/matomo_live% grep -l 'France' plugins/UserCountryMap/svg/*

The SA.svg seems like a mistake, AF (Africa) doesn’t display France either for me, but its close enough it might depend on the size of the viewport.

If someone can tell me how to fix this or where to look for the code that does this mapping I’d appreciate it.

I might be wrong here, but I always assumed French Guyana was a region of France, so technically the map is right to display it as here (of course the fact that it zooms to Europe when clicking on it isn’t ideal)

The Matomo maps are not really maintained anymore for quite some time and there are plans to replace them with a complete new map architecture (Updated / New Matomo Maps · Issue #11929 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub) but as this is a major change it will take quite some time until someone can work on that.

I’ll admit I had to do some reading about French Guiana and what you say is a fair point.

I do think it is a bit confusing that it just says “France” in both locations. Additionally I wonder if the benefits of the map view lose something when a single visit comes from both Europe and South America.

But I also think it’s outside Matomo’s mandate to figure out whether ISPs in French Guiana are routed through France. If they are then the request can be displayed as coming from France.

I’ll keep an eye on that Github issue, thanks for the quick reply.