Visitor Map error for switzerland, region VD



We are running Piwik 2.01 for our web sites analytics … located in switzerland, Lausanne ( region Vaud)
and we noticed an error in the metrics ( visits, unique visitor, etc) reported in the visitor map for Switzerland and in particular fot the Vaud region.

Indeed, while all the visits are correctly counted in the Visitors > Localtions & Providers reports in the regions as well as in the city report, the total reported in the visitor map for Region Vaud is wrong… It seems to be always the same as the one reported for the Fribourg region… Is there a way to correct that ??
Please note that we are specially concerned with that point since the majority of our visitors come precisely from that region (td).
All the other reports for the other regions seem correct.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

It may be an issue with the map. Can you post two screenshost showing the problem (map + the region table report)