Visitor logs are being inserted with default GMT /UTC time

Hello all,

I’ve recently upgrated my piwik set-up to 1.9.1, after this i’ve noticed that in
the values for columns visit_first_action_time, visit_last_action_time in visit_logs table
are being inserted as a standard GMT /UTC time, even though in piwik website settings i have set my website timezone as Time zone UTC-7.

does piwik always recorded the logs with standard GMT/UTC time and its\ the first time i’m noticing this? or there is some thing wrong with my set-up.

Note : When i’m trying to change the website’s time zone a note is apperaing saying:

"Advanced timezones support was not found in your PHP (supported in PHP>=5.2). You can still choose a manual UTC offset.
UTC time is 2012-11-01 13:58:26.
Changing your time zone will only affect data going forward, and will not be applied retroactively. "

is there anything that i should change?

thanks in advance.

By design Piwik stores in UTC and will then process different 24h windows based on timezone. This is a software engineering best practise.

Hello Matt,

Thanks for the clarification.

Matt, with 1.9.1 it is observed that the
"Open Row Evolution",“Open Transitions” are not working in Widget reports (The “Open Row Evolution”,“Open Transitions” are showing up properly in Dashboard).

On clicking the “Open Row Evolution”,“Open Transitions” the posted Url is same as the one usd to load the widget.

This issue is reproducible in piwik demo website.

Would upgrading to piwik-1.9.2-b2 /piwik-1.9.2-b3 versions fix this issue?

thanks and regards

can you please explain clearly the steps to see the problem on the demo ? because for me it look slike it’s working . please give exact steps and URLs you are using ?

Hello Matt,

In piwik demo website i’m checking in “widget–> Previwe widgets”

FYI , I’m attaching the screen shot of the page that i was looking at.

the url is : “Widgets - Administration - Matomo

thank s and regards

Ok that’s not too bad, it will work after inserting the widget.


“it will work after inserting the widget.”

You meant , using the widget url as a src in iframe ?

we are using the widget urls with the irames located in our pages, there also the “Row-evolution/trasitions” reports are not opening.

They “Row-evolution/trasitions” links are behaving much like the one’s in demo website.

Note: The “Row-evolution/trasitions” in widgets added to the dashboard are working.

thanks and regards.

Matt or anyone else can you look into this issue…

Solution is to add the widget to your dashboard, then it should work as expected?


you are suggesting to add the widget to a dashboard and use the dashboard inside the iframe in my websie pages?

Is there any otherway to make them work in widgets inside iframes?

thanks and regards

Thanks for the report! I should read more properly :wink: I created a ticket at: Row Evolution and Transitions do not work when a report is an iframe Widget · Issue #3570 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

hopefully we fix it at some point but we are crawling under tickets.

Thanks for creating the ticket matt.

thanks and regards