Visitor Log - Session Length

It seems Session length (500 Actions - 6 hours 58 min ) is calculated from first access (Session start) to current time. I don’t understand why is it using current time if the last activity was 4 hours ago. This user was only active for 3 hours not 9 hours. It should use last activity time.

Most probably there were more than 500 actions. There are limits in the visitor log (performance reasons). The same works with the number of visits in the visitor’s profile (limited to 100).

Makes sense, thank you. However, I see many visitors (which are employees) at Visits of 12 hours which I know they only work 8 hours. I need to research but the UI is limiting my data visibility. Is that configurable anywhere?

Even if I click Visitor Profile, it limits to 500.

Above is Issue 1.

Issue 2 is it should show you the total number of Actions but limit the detail if performance is a concern. A count should not be bad on performance if the back end is designed. We are displaying total time (although I’m not convinced and can’t prove it) but not total Actions. That is not keeping the UI in sync with reality.

Hi Brian,

if you believe there is a missing stat displayed (eg. total number of actions if > 500) and some other issue, please create an issue for each point separately in our tracker at: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

we are always looking for feedback on real world use of Piwik and how to make it the best analytics platform!

Thank you. I’m hoping to get feedback from others as well.