Visitor log not showing multiple IPs when visitor changes IP


Scenario: A user goes to a webpage using a proxy IP (e.g., using a browser proxy/VPN plugin), which registers in the visitor’s log. Then the user turns off the proxy (e.g., disables the browser plugin) and refreshes the page. Though the IP has changed, and though the visitor log reflects the user went to the page twice, only the original location and IP are shown in the visitor’s log. Further (and possibly as expected), when I use the API (e.g., module=API&method=Live.getLastVisitsDetails&date=today&period=day&idSite=1&segment=visitIp==NO_PROXY_IP), no records are returned.

To me, this seems like a bug. Shouldn’t the visitor’s log reflect all IP addresses the user used for the same session? Recording multiple page views to the original IP doesn’t properly reflect what happened.

As an aside, the reason this information is important is because sometimes users use a known spamming IP to perform an action (which I don’t allow) but will allow the action if they move to a non-spamming IP. Additionally, this helps catch spammers who change IPs. Thanks.

Edit: If I’m reading this GitHub issue properly, is this working as designed and won’t be fixed?

Edit 2: Is there any way to manually force Matomo to either create a new visit when the user uses a different IP (like the features when the referrer or campaign changes) or to manually add a new visit with the different IP with the associated visitorID?