Visitor log is showing more separate entries for the same 1 one visit

Hi, using old Matomo 3.6. The visitor log sometimes shows several separate entries for the one/same visit/visitor. Attached is a screenshot and red circled. The visitor has the same IP address, same time of visit, same device and same “coming from”(Google in this case)…again its an old version of Matomo so maybe it can’t handle newer visitor settings/devices etc.


Hi @RichardMatomo
I would suggest you update Matomo at least to Matomo 416.1, as many developments have probably fixed your bug…

Hi Philippe, thank you…yes for sure…and I would love to update as I think Matomo is really good however I’m still running PHP5.5 and upgrading to PHP7 is at the moment not possible due to being a big project…I’m very sure an updated Matomo would also fix Iphone issues