Visitor Log is off by a day


the live visitor log is working correctly but when I select a date from the visitor log it shows the info from the previous day. my timezone is set to -4. I also had to apply the api.php patch for the live visitor stream.

thanks in advance for any help.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Did you select “Today” in the calendar?


if I select today everything looks fine but if I select a specific date for instance 4/13 it shows me the traffic from 4/12. in the detailed visitor log.

(saudiqbal) #4

I used to fix this problem with this solution 301 Moved Permanently
but it seems like the code has been changed.


thanks for the heads up on that I’d seen it but it doesn’t seem to apply to this situation due to code changes.


I noticed this, too. Also, if I select “week” in the Visitor Log, the dates are for the week before.