Visitor Log is missing entries


My visitor log seems to only show a limited number of entries, and exportable data only shows this same limited number of visits. If I use “All Visits” as the segment for viewing one day of visits, I can only see from ~10pm-1159pm on that day. If I narrow the segment, I can see from roughly ~4pm-1159pm for the day. If I am even more specific, I can see all visits matching the criteria.

How can I get access to exportable table that actually has all visits within the segment requested?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there, this is possibly a bug that we will likely fix in 2.16.1 - please, can you try the patch submitted here: When clicking "Next" on Visitor log with an Action Segment applied, the next page may return no data · Issue #9200 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

when you apply this patch, does the data now include all records? if so, can you please leave a comment on the github issue directly? if not, let me know.


Thanks, Matthieu.

I will try to get permissions to apply this patch. But the issue occurs even outside of custom variable segment. It occurs even under “All Visits”

My Visitor Log seems to only show ~425 entries, whether there is custom segment or not…and clicking “next page” shows no entries. I will see if I can apply the patch, and get back to you.