Visitor log/actions

On the tab visitors - visitor log is a column actions.
In IE11 the results are shown over the full width of the screen, when you drag the mouse over this column, the width of this column is adjusted.
In Firefox this does not happen.

Is this a proleem with IE11? How can I fix this?
I’m using IE11, no Firefox

Can you please post screenshot?

Attachment 1 before
Attachment 2 after

It sounds like a problem in IE11. Do you see the screen jumping when hovering the mouse ?

No jumping, just less text on a line

Is it “annoying” to have the width of the column change on IE11? if so,please create a ticket with screenshots attached on – thanks

Am I the only one with this problem?

Please could you create a ticket with your steps to reproduce and screenshot, in the issue tracker: