Visitor location (city) problem

I’ve got some trouble when i try to view the next page from the widget “Visitor location (city)”… when i click next page there is message “loading data” but nothing appear.
There are only the last five visitor on first page !!!
And it’s the same problem for all visitor location widget …

Who wants to be a millionaire ?

Sorry for my english, i come from France !

can you reproduce the same issue on the ?

No, i did compare the and my piwik. And that’s why I saw there’is some problem on my.
Thanks you

And now, it seems to be aléa data in several widget… very strange !

Delete cache and it’s better !

And now … There is no data for this report because there is no location data available. To enable accurate geolocation, change the settings here. To get location data for your old visits, use the script described here.
I don’t understand !

The problem disappear when i’m changing period time !..
But istill can’t view the next page on visitor widget

The sort for visitor widget is alphabetical and numéric when more than several connection.

Can you delete browser cache ?

apply this patch: 301 Moved Permanently

Maybe it will work better :slight_smile:

Thank you Matt,
It seems to be ok !