Visitor information by hour


I am executing some piwik apis to get visitor information by hour, i am using segment=visitServerHour==, however i found that the response for such request is always the hour-5. For example , to verify respons, I executed following requests.


The above url1 returns data for whole day for every hour, when i compared the respons(no of visits) of url1 (for any given hour) with the respons of url2, the 0hour response of url1 matches with segment=visitServerHour==5, similarly 1hr respons of url1 matches with segment=visitServerHour==6 and so on,

sample xml response for url1:

0h 6 6 41 17 7480 1 0 1h 6 6 43 22 8092 0 0

sample xml response for url2:

6 6 41 0 1 7480 17 17% 6.8 1247

Also, i see the data for url1 is correct, however for url2, i have to provide the hour in future(5 hrs ahead) to get response for current hour,

Please help

Can you reproduce this issue on the demo? which URLs?


I have mentioned the local urls in my first request. Below are the urls from demo.

URL1 :
URL2 :

The ouput of both the above url is comparable and same.

However the issue is not reproducible on demo, though i can reproduce it on my local (where i have to provide visitServerHour 5 hours in advanced to the hour of interest), any help on this would be appriacied.

check you are using latest piwik ?