Visitor Generator not working from console

I have Piwik 2.3.0 w/ the latest VisitorGenerator plugin install on my server running PHP 5.4.

When I run the visitor generator plugin using the console commands it puts all fake data on today as if ignoring the cdt parameter.
When I did some debugging it looks to be running “return UsersManagerApi::getInstance()->getUser(Piwik::getCurrentUserLogin());” in the VisitsFake.php, which I don’t think it can get the CurrentUserLogin because it is on command line.

Am I missing something here?

@InnovationJosh it sounds like a bug, can you please create a ticket with command to reproduce + error you see, on our issue tracker?

Note: to track data for past days you must use the --days=X parameter


I have opened this ticket for this issue.

I know about the parameters for the console, I copied the one I used straight from the visit generator plugin page with minor adjustments.