Visitor Drop for Apple Devices


I am having a huge visitor drop for users on apple devices. Seems to occur since we have the new tracking code. Anybody else experiencing something similar? What could I do?



Which new tracking code are you referring to?

The first line of the default JavaScript Tracking code has changed and now reads var _paq = window._paq = window._paq || [];

But I am just seeing, this is already a month ago :roll_eyes:


I doubt this change is related (if you embed the tracking code normally it doesn’t matter and if you embed it in a function, the old version would simply not work).

Could your maybe limit the data a bit closer: Is it only iOS devices? Safari on MacOS?

Thanks. It relates to Safari Desktop and Safari Mobile only.


Honestly, I don’t have an idea. Do you have a device with Safari at hand and can check if there are any errors in the Javascript console when opening the tracked website?

Oh yes. It says: [Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 421 () (matomo.js, line 0)

Site is

What could this mean?


This is something I also just noticed: When I visit your website, the requests to matomo.js and matomo.php work, but the server returns a 421 Misdirected Request status.
I wouldn’t be surprised if this causes Safari to fail somehow.

I have never seen a 421 before, but it seems like some issue with the webserver setup, HTTP/2 and the HTTPS hostname. Maybe you could ask your server host for help with this.

Interestingly this also doesn’t happen every single time, which might explain why a small number of Apple users still come through.

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Indeed very strange. And only since a few days. I have two other sites on the same Matomo Installation that work fine both.

However, thank you very much for your help.