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Click stream tracking is what I am looking for. So for each Visit, what what the click stream. Is anyone working on this already?
Do you think it would be difficult to do this based on the current system?
I am willing to work on this if its not already started.

Great! This is a frequently requested feature. See ticket 219 in Trac.

I know the two flavor of Live! plugin show that information but the way they work doesn’t satisfy me at all.

So, i’m thinking of doing a “small and simple” plugin named something like “visitor path” that could show a page or a widget (or both) on wich would be displayed a line for each visitor with “sub lines” for each page, link, file… any action he as done, in the correct order. After looking many times at the MySql table using phpMyAdmin, i now think this is really easy to do.

Like i said, i know the Live plugins already show this, but, it seems to me that thoses plugins only show that data for, say, the last 50 visitor, and that even if my time frame is yesterday. What i want, i a plugin that would limit that information based on the time frame. If i dont select today (the day in progess) for the the time frame, i dont want to see data for today in that plugin.

For me it doesn’t make any sense that one plugin show the most recent data while all others plugins in the dashboard are showing data for “yesterday”. Now, Piwik dev could tell me that it would be impossible to get that visitor path information after stats have been archived and logs have been purged. I know the auto purge is not yet implemented (or is it?). But, for me, that visitor path plugin would be usefull even if i can’t get “back in time” deeper than a few weeks.

I’m not an expert php dev. Officially, i’m not a dev at all. I’m thinking of looking at tuts (even if they need updating) and others plugins. I already have an idea of how the “table” (or list) could be generated. First, the plugin need to know wich time frame is selected. Then, it need to query for all visits of that time frame. On the list, last visitors for the time frame show up first. Each line show the referer of the visit. With the visit id of each visit, query to get actions for the visit, ordered chronologically this time (first action first…). The list of actions could be shown in a folding table/list.

Unless someone comes by saying “dont trouble yourself in doing this as it’s a great idea to update thoses Live plugins to take the time frame into account and i’ll do it”, i’ll begin working on this, one bit at a time. No, i wont create a trac ticket, not yet. Not until there’s something that would need help from the community to test or so.

That dream of a plugin of mine comes from my previous stats provider ( Long before my first try of Piwik, i had send email to the devs asking if Piwik was doing that (with a screenie that got posted on the Live trac ticket); the devs replied that, yes, the Live plugin was going to do this. But, no, it’s not. The Live plugin purpose is to show data about visitors that are actually connected to your site; not what i want. I dont really care about real time data, even though my Visitor path plugin could also work with current day; a refresh of the page would be needed to show new actions (or refresh of widget).

Last thing, i dont care either if people would say they think a plugin like that wouldn’t be usefull, i’ll do it anyway for my own use. I badly need this. But i accept any advises on making a plugin.

Well, thanks vipsoft to have updated the ticket named “Finish the Plugin Live! Reports detailed information on the last N visitors” to include the possibility of having a Live Plugin that could show data from a specified time frame.

But, to me, a widget is small and can’t show as much infos has what i have in mind so I think it wouldn’t hurt if i try making a page instead of a widget (a bit like the plugin named “Entry Page”, wich doesn’t work with last version of Piwik). My first step would be to do a simple HTML page showing the layout i wish to accomplish.

This functionnality should extend, or at least reuse, the code available in Live!

I would recommend writing a comment detailing how this feature would work. Obviously Live! is meant to show the latest data available, but it could be one button/click away from showing the data from the selected date range (in the existing widget, or in a new widget or report, if more space is necessary).

i work on an extra detail view with pagnatation. Like a Log File :wink:

any word on this visitor click tracking plugin?

I dont know how to say this but i won’t be able to produce that plugin, or at least, not anytime soon.
Since my previous post, i got sick two times and it’s not the only thing that happened in my life.
I’m sorry.
If anybody would like to reuse my ideas, just do it.
I’ll be glad to try the thing when ready.
As last note, i can help with translation from english to french; it’s the main thing i do theses days (mainly on the Wings 3D software), but only if help is needed.