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I wanted to try to create a path of use of my site by user (that is to say to see that they go from one page to another, what they do ect…). For that, on the visit log, when I export the file, I can’t understand the titles.

Isn’t there an easier way to get this request?

This (page navigations) can be obtained from:

For columns, what don’t you understand?
I tried:

type (actionDetails 4) url (actionDetails 4) pageTitle (actionDetails 4)
action Cart - Divezone Store
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Good morning,

Thank you for your answer!

What is the difference between Page transitions & User flows?

Also, do I need to configure to have the detail of the line “Others”? Because when I display at 20 I always have this line “Others”. (I suppose that to display more than 20 results it can be configured)

Also, the transitions page, I can’t export it, is that normal?

Page transitions

Be able to know for each page the full list of previous page and next page (including the page itself).
Only one page is displayed at a time

Users flow

Be able to get major user flows.

Level of Detail

Will change the display of blue pathes. From few (just thickest pathes will be displayed) fo All.

Number of Actions per Step

From 4 to 20. Will change the number of displayed rows (excluding “others”, so when 4 actions is selected, 5 rows will be displayed)

Number of displayed steps

From 2 to 10. Can be changed using the image to add one step) and/or the image(to remove some steps) buttons

You can to JSON or XML file thanks to the link displayed on mouse hover at the bottom left of the report:

Thank you, is that normal that I don’t have the icon to export to XML ?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean…

I pass the mouse but there is nothing to export :

Which version do you use?

I am using Matomo 3.13.1

It had probably been added in a further version.
You can try to get the request pattern on the Matomo demo website and apply it on your own instance, but not sure it will work.
If not, then the only solution will be to update to a 4+ version.

I think I need an update of the version.

Last question, I see that I can have Top Paths : is it another premium functionnality or does it comes with Users flow ?

And is it possible to have more than 3 paths ?

Yes, this comes with Users flows premium plugin:

I think the 10 first interactions should be taken into account (but this report shows the top paths). Have a look at:

and play with the Rows to display dropdown list visible on the bottom right while hovering the report:

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