Visit info aligned left in dash?

All the details on visits are now align to the left and are no longer on same line as in photo after last update. Is there a way to fix or is it just me?

Hi there,

this change was done on purpose to simplify the design. Hopefully you will get used to it?

Too bad bc
it take up too
much room
with wasted
space. Any way
i can fix to
make it all on
one line again?
It is annoying to
see so much
empty unused
space. I hope
enough people
complain so it
gets put back.
Maybe it is jus
t me tho idk.

Thanks for response!

Hi there,

hehe :slight_smile: I understand your point. Could you create an issue in our tracker? Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub maybe others will comment as I think you make a very good point here!

I guess i will have to make account there to make issue so i will as soon as i have time. I will have to search first to see if there is any already tho.

Thanks for seeing my point of view!


tom g / GiveSuccess

The issue is not already there so feel free to create it directly