Visit breaks up in mutliple visits

Recently I have the problem that visits break up into several visits and are then counted multiple times in the stats.

See the attachted example. Piwik recognizes the page views (which are within seconds/minutes) as coming from the same visitor but counts them as separate visits.

Does anyone know the reason why or what can be done about it? The site is running on wordpress and uses WP-Piwik to add the tracking code.

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I have no answer, but I just noticed the same issue in my logs last night. It’s very strange.

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can you try upgrade to our latest 2.16.0 beta version? this issue may be fixed. If you still experience it (after upgrading and you find new data still is buggy), please create a bug report @ Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

I hesitated, but upgraded to 2.16.0-b3.

Now my dashboard is broken (empty), All I see, is the menu on the left and the top. None of the reports is loading. And I can’t step back to 2.15 because the database got upgraded.

I can still access some reports on other pages, e.g. the visitor log, so I know it’s still tracking.

But most reports look like this…


In the meantime I reinstalled 2.16.0-b6 in a new directory, that fixed my “white screen” problem.

Also the original problem seems to be resolved, so far I could not see any “broken up” visits. Will keep an eye on it…

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Good to hear it is fixed!

Too bad that it isn’t. I just spotted a few of theses cases again. I’m currently on 2.16.0-b6.


Could you create a bug report on our tracker? Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

@gipfelrast could you compare the referrers of these visits. Piwik sometimes forces new visits (e.g. when campaign referrer has changed). See How do I create new visit whenever a user visits my website using a new campaign or a new website referrer? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

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In fact, in that last case (from 28 Jan) there was different campaign referrer information!

Thanks, quba!