Virtual host


If you have the following host/ids:

a 1
b 2
c 3
d 4
e 5
f 6
g 7
h 8
i 9
j 10

You can do reports on each one. If you want a summary of several, then you wold have to add them up
by hand. What if you wanted to create a new virtual host that represented several of these, such as:

k would be a,b,c
l would be a,g
m would be a-j
n would be g-j

and so on. I know one could take data from a,b,c and make k then then keep track and k would be id 11.
But would it be possible to have k represent a,b,c and the likewise with the others. In this case, the data
would not be duplicated but reside in each of the system a, b and c separately.

PIWIK version 2.3 (hope to upgrade in the near future)


As a follow-up, is it possible to generate a report in Piwik of several nodes? Example, you have the All website one;
is it possible to (using my question) generate a report on only sites c,d,e and another on a,e,i?