Video on dashboard


I’ve recently installed Piwik for our Corporate intranet and it’s all going really well, I’m really impressed by it.

One minor thing though - the video on the dashboard doesn’t play when I hit the play icon. Does anyone else experience this, is it a known problem? any ideas how to debug this? Where is it trying to pull the video from?

When I inspect the element using chrome developer tools, I can’t seem to see any video embed code in there?

We’ll running Piwik 2.2.2 on IIS, Windows Server 2008 inside our corporate network.



Thanks for the report. I’ve just released 2.3.0 rc3 with the fix. Could you please try again?
See 301 Moved Permanently


Thanks for putting the fix in. At present we don’t have an environment we could install the RC version of Piwik on (although we could probably do with getting one), so it may be a while before I can test fully.


2.3.0 was released and is now stable, see: Piwik 2.3.0 - Analytics Platform - Matomo


That’s great, I managed to get the video working.

Just one minor thing though - It uses an HTTP link for the YouTube video.

It might be better to use an HTTPS link, so that when Piwik is installed under HTTPS, the video will still play (modern browsers don’t display HTTP content within an HTTPS page).

Thanks for the prompt fix!


Thank for suggestion, I’ve just changed youtube links to HTTPS: Use HTTPS for youtube video link · matomo-org/matomo@50dece7 · GitHub