Very weird lead to 500 Internal error


Hey guys,

First Id like to say thank you for such great software and keep up the excellent work! :slight_smile:

So here is what happened. I installed piwik multiple times and wondered why id get a 500 error once I setup and sign out after setting up another username and signing in with the new username

For hours Ive been trying to figure out if there is a php modification required, an nginx directive, a wrong name server or something that was leading to this 500 internal error every single time… What I realize is that once I Installed piwik with the master account. I then created another domain and user account but forgot to choose the option for the new user to admin or view any domains.

My questions is, why is it that if I do not choose either option, sign out and sign in with the new user who doesnt have any priveleges, the entire piwik setup corrupts and leads to a permanent 500 internal error? In order for me to get it working again, I end up having to delete the config file where I am then prompted to reinstall. Is this suppose to happen? If so, what would the fix be just in case I happen to make the same mistake again in the future?

Please advise, thnx! :slight_smile:

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

leads to a permanent 500 internal error?

When you get a 500 error in the piwik can you check your server error log? I will expect to find error message there. Then we can try to sovle the issue, as Piwik should never “crash” in normal uses.