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I have decided to trial Piwik as a replacement for our current web stats set-up which includes a combination of Google Analytics and Urchin (and historical AWStats data) - we have 200+ sites and I have secured a standalone server installation to act as a dedicated stats analyser (as I don’t want to load up the main server and SQL database).

I see that to use the new log analyser I need at least version 1.7.2-rc2, so my question is should I jump straight to 1.7.2-rc11 or even 1.8-rc2 ?

I doubt I will roll this out across the board for a couple of months so a little bit of bedding in is fine.

Thanks in advance.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Please use 1.8 RC and report all feedback in: 301 Moved Permanently


Thanks Matt - will do