Variable "cacheBuster" does not exist in "_jsGlobalVariables.twig" at line 5

Got Error:
Variable “cacheBuster” does not exist in “_jsGlobalVariables.twig” at line 5 trying to get monthly All Sites report

Anybody else with this problem?

Hi there,

if you’renot using latest Piwik verison please try upgrade - do you still have issue with latest version?

Yes, I do - got it again. I update Piwik regularly, the current version installed is 2.14.3 - the latest available.

I’ve discovered no errors in log file. But differences in number of rows and in table sizes of archive_blob_* tables are crazy, taking into account more or less stable traffic - Here is the snapshot of DB data

OPTIMIZE table archive_blob_* takes time to run, but reduces the table sizes for about 1/3. (For InnoDB it actually created table duplicate and moves all the data in there)

The problem with huge tables is that it is not enough memory server can provide to do such a costly operation. And even manual tables recreation seems promising, such a huge tables should not be created in the first place. What may cause such system behavior?

Any ideas?