V.0.6.1 All Websites trendlines slow page load

Since upgrading to v0.6.1, the All Websites page of Piwik takes approximately 60-180 seconds to load the trendlines on the right-hand side. The other data queries and displays just as quick as before. Anyone else experiencing the same phenomena?

I have the same issue. All WebSites work very slow.
My piwik Settings - 100 sites with 150 visits(total) per day.
But I do not remember how it worked in 0.55

are you sure performance got worse since 0.6.1 or was it slow before as well?

The performance really lagged; I performed a manual upgrade. However, since my initial post, I have completed a fresh install. My database was 670MB with 11 sites over an approximate 5 month period - too much for me to move around to try and restore. A fresh install was the only logical course for me.

Performance with the previous version was fine. It was somewhat slow, but there are many queries and I do not expect it to load like a regular page.

However, the new v.0.6.1 is wonderful. Nice work developers - and Thank you.