Utm tracking mtm instead of UTM


I recently used the matomo UTM builder and i couldnt help but notice that the parameters are set as “mtm” not “utm”,
On my wordpress the utm parameters since i started using the matomo builder are not working, usually i get a table of utm parameters that the person is coming from but since i’ve started using the matomo builder it’s not ?
Can someone tell me if it’s because of this matter and what i can do to fix it ?

Thank you


Do you mean, you get a table of the parameters in your Wordpress backend? Like a small analytics tool inside Wordpress?

If that’s the case it probably doesn’t work because of the ‘mtm’ in the parameters. Those parameters only work in matomo itself. But if you also need the parameters in your Wordpress backend you can switch to a utm-Parameter builder like this one: Campaign URL Builder (ga-dev-tools.google). UTM-Parameters also work for Matomo, so you don’t need to use the Matomo Parameter Builder. I hope that helps!

I see, i’m gonna have to change all the links ive used to the google utm builder now

thank you so much