Using widgets and segmentation


It’s my first time using Piwik and I’m kinda lost here.
I want to use piwik to track media playback from my application. Nothing big, just number of times a video has been played.
So… what I did so far is: first, I use the php api to track the visit everytime the file is requested, saving useragent, language, time, etc… and what i did is, using the file url to save the url, and the unique id for that file in my database as a customvar with the name assetId.
Now in the dashboard I can see that every play is been recorded as a pageview for that particular Page URL.

What I need to do now, is show a report in my applications, and I want to show a graph showing the number of pageviews per day for the last month, but only for one particular Page URL.

What i acchieved so far is to show a visit summary, but it show the report for the entire website, and I don’t know how to segmentate the data for just one particular Page URL.

Any ideas on how I need to ask piwik for that info?? do I need to use the custom var? Is there another way to track this kind of info and show it properly??

Thank you!


Hi, I am trying to achieve the exactly same thing. Did you solve the issue yourself by now?

Any hint would be appreciated!


(Matthieu Aubry) #3

I don’t know how to segmentate the data for just one particular Page URL.

To segment for a particular URL, you should use Piwik 1.6 and then use the segmentation feature with the segment called “pageUrl”


Did you find an answer to this problem? I am also trying to do the same thing with no results. Can you share the url if you got it to work? Thanks!