Using third party cookie plugins to manage Matomo

I use a third party plugin (complianz) to manage my cookie banner and user consent. This plugin allows users to view cookie preferences and can allow user to select preferences from the cookie policy page. There are 3 check boxes: functional only, statistics, and marketing. The plugin can also manage Matomo tracking, such that if consent is required, the user must select ‘Statistics’ option from cookie preferences, before tracking can begin. However, if i state I am using Matomo with anonymised IP, Complianz no longer requires consent to start tracking users under the ‘Statistics’ category, as it assume no personal data is collected. Therefore tracking is started as soon as user enters website.

Having read you posts (What data does Piwik track? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo), it is clear to me that there are other PII that Matomo may collect and therefore, even though IP is anonymised (and order ID and user ID replaced with pseudonym), I cannot assume Matomo will not collect other PII from URLs, search queries etc. Therefore, is it ok to continue using Complianz without getting the user’s consent assuming I do nothing else except anonymise IP, replace user ID with pseudonym and anonymise order IDs? If so, would I still need an opt-out form for users? And can that opt-out form be place in cookie policy (below cookie preference options) or is it best to keep in privacy policy?