Using the tag manager with heatmap and session recording disabled


I’m just a beginner with Matomo and after having installed it with the Wordpress plugin, I began to customize the tracking code to follow the french GDPR recommandations (among other things I disabled heatmap and session recording).

Then I inderstood that I needed the Tag Manager instead of standard Tracking code if I wanted to include other tags to follow.

The code generated for the Tag Manager is different from the Tracking with the _mtm object instead of the _paq in the standard Tracking code.

My question is : can I set the same setting using the push function as it was made with the standard Tracking code ?


If not, is it possible to acheive the same configuration using the Tag Manager ?

Thanks a lot for your help

Hi @benrecords

What do you mean by

if I wanted to include other tags to follow

You can be compliant with the french GDPR rules with the normal tracking way. Please follow for more information.

You can use the default tracking way with the tag manager if you check “bundle tracker” and “register as default tracker” in your Matomo configuration variable in your tag plan. (this is the default behavior).

Kind regards


Thanks Mat for your answer.

I mean that I wanted to include special tags like Facebook Pixel or LinkedIn Insight tag along with standard tracker for basic statistics. But the problem was that I created only one Tag Manager container containing Statistics tag as well as the social ads ones.

I’ve understanden since then that I could do what I wanted by separating my tags into different containers. That helps me with the consent management cause I’m now able to activate separately the different Javascript codes to stay compliant with the GDPR.

So what I’ve done so far : I inserted the basic tracking code (without tag manager) for matomo manually inside the header section of my wordpress theme. That part is correctly configured for french GDPR recommandations.

I then created two different tag containers for Facebook and LinkedIn that I programmatically activate via my cookie management plugin.

Hope it makes sense and again thank you for your answer.

Hi @benrecords

It make sense.
Have you been able to achieve your goal so far?

Kind regards


Hi @Matthieu_Mary

Yes :slight_smile:

I ended with two installation of Matomo to do what I wanted :

  1. The wordpress plugin for :

    * basic statistics without consent to be compliant with the french GDPR recommandations
    * social ads tag containers
  2. An on-premise installation for advanced statistics including visit log which requires user consent to be able to get more in-depth information.