Using the Pixel tracker to track Affiliate sales

I think I am missing something in the documentation. Applogies if I am, trying to help a friend track some affiliate offers.

I know I can use the pixel tracking method to trigger a goal conversion when a “sale” is made on a affiliate marketing page. But will this also give me the incoming keyword info when the pixel fires? Or do I loose that with the pixel and only get the hit and conversion?

Basically here is the way the traffic comes in:
1.Adwords ad Or Bing/Yahoo ad online, end user clicks the ad.
2.They are sent to a landing page (that is run by my friend), this landing page has the usual Piwik tracking code and works as expected.
3.The user clicks continue on the landing page and are sent to the actual affiliate offer.
4.Once on the actual affiliate offer they decide to “join” and they do what is required on the page.
5.Once the join completes, my “pixel” is fired.

When this pixel is fired, what I ideally would like to get is. Keyword they used, their IP and the goal conversion. I have been able to get the goal conversion to fire but not seeing the incoming keyword. Each ad uses 100’s of keywords.

Also I am wondering is there a way to make this pixel fire put its info into the visitor tracked info that shows when they first hit the landing page I send to the offer? So as to not look like a new “visit” when the pixel fires. I am not using the incoming incoming URL method in the Doc’s currently, but I still get the keyword(shown in the keywords section in dashboard), should this be added to the ads as well?

Am I trying to do this in the best manner? Does it matter if the traffic is coming from Bing/Yahoo or Google?

the Pixel I am trying to use

<img src=""0.00"&rec=1" style="border:0" alt="" /> 

mysite of course is the Piwik install site and revenue is an actual price amount and not 0.00.

Thanks for help on this. If I did not explain something properly or clearly enough just let me know.

Instead of tracking pixel you should be using the javascript API to fire the Goal Conversoin. then, you should see Keywords for each Goal conversion, Etc.

The only option is pixel sadly they only offer a means to fire a pixel no JS or anything else. So I am unable to achieve what I am hoping with a pixel?