Using SMTP with API keys (Brevo a.k.a. Sendinblue)

I use Brevo, formerly known as Sendinblue, as the SMTP provider on my sites. I would like to use it with Matomo, but I cannot authenticate. The domain is verified and authenticated via DNS.

I have no SMTP password in my Brevo account, it just uses API keys. It works nicely in WordPress, but I don’t see any way to enter the API key in Matomo. When I enter it in the Password field, it will not work.

Is there any way to use Brevo with Matomo? It is a very popular SMTP provider and I think some others also use API keys and not passwords.


Update: I activated SMTP with the same credentials (key as the password) at the server level (on Cloudways). The email with the report was sent succesfully (triggered manually).

But when I enter the same SMTP credentials in Matomo, it will not be authenticated… Strange…

Maybe your server is configured to use only configuration defined in the server instead of the one define in the application. If it is shared server, it could be set like this for security purposes?

No, I don’t think so. SMTP worked fine in WordPress applications, using SMTP plugins for WordPress.