Using "segment" in API doesn't filter correctly

I want to get all JavaScript errors via API. The parameters are:

  • module: API
  • method: Events.getName
  • idSite: 1
  • period: range
  • date: last14
  • filter_limit: 50
  • filter_sort_column: nb_events
  • filter_sort_order: desc
  • segment: eventCategory==JavaScript errors
  • secondaryDimension: eventCategory
  • flat: 1
  • showColumns: nb_events
  • format=json

The most results I’m getting are correct, like:

  • label: TypeError: Attempted to assign to readonly property. - JavaScript Errors
  • nb_events: 59
  • Events_EventName: TypeError: Attempted to assign to readonly property.
  • Events_EventCategory: JavaScript Errors

However, sometimes I get a result like this:

  • Label: Event Name not defined - Form submit
  • nb_events: 4
  • Events_EventName: Event Name not defined
  • Events_EventCategory: Form submit
    which has not the correct event category, but is given to me.

So, is there something I can do when querying the data? Maybe I missed something.

Additionally, when using the Live API, I am getting no results back when querying the event name “Event Name not defined” that is given from above:

  • module: API
  • method: Live.getLastVisitsDetails
  • idSite: 1
  • period: range
  • date: last14
  • segment: eventName==Event Name not defined
  • showColumns: actionDetails,browserName,browserIcon
  • format=json

Addition: currently using 4.7.0-rc1