Using Piwik on 50+websites - "footprint" for Google?

I use Piwik to monitor all my 50+ sites. So especially after the latest crackdown on “link networks” by Google, I was wondering: My sites are spread out on various servers and IPs, in order to avoid being identified as all belonging to me. Now since the Piwik script is the same on all those sites, wouldn’t that give me away to Google? I am concerned about the link value of links between my sites here.

On the other site, what if I was just administrating those sites for a customer and have Piwik for monitoring the success, that would be an explanation for having the same script on all those sites, right?

Does anyone have any experience with this, what’s your opinion?

I have no experience of it being a problem, but still, it is always good to hide footprint. The good news is that it is possible to do it with Piwik too, while still tracking all sites in the same piwik server.

See the doc: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo