Using Piwik for large intranet site

I am very interested in having a powerful web analytics tool for our large intranet site (SAP portal) with approx. 80.000 users; about 22.000.000 page views per month. But at the moment I have concerns in integrating javascript code in our HTML pages because of performance.

Does anyone know how much a roundtrip to piwik webserver costs (in terms of time)?

What if the webservers doesn’t match the same SLA’s as our portal (availibility).

What about sizing of the Piwik’s database?

Anyone who has experience with using Piwik in a larger environment?

Thanks in advance,

best way to tell is to deploy gradually and see how Piwik behaves. Of course, we can make Piwik faster and we’d love to. If you can help, feel free to have a look at the code when you have issues and propose patches or submit tickets.

thanks matthieu, actually I have no concerns about performance of a nightly crawling job but concerns about implementing javascript that causes a round trip to the Piwik webserver. Any experience in how long this roundtrip takes?


nobody can tell you the roundtrip times for large environments. How many servers do you use for your intranet? Where are this servers located, in one datacenter or in many different datacenters? Which backbone connection do you have between the datacenters? How many switches/routers are between the servers?

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