Using Only Apache's Logs


I’m running as website under Ubuntu 16.04 and Apache as my web server, and am interested in setting up a new installation of Matomo but without any JS/PHP script added to the site - only with reading Apache’s access logs.
Is there support for such a use case?

Thanks a lot

Yes. How to use Log Analytics tool - Analytics Platform - Matomo

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@fdellwing I hear you. The thing is that the docs mention Python 2.6 as a requirement, and from my understanding using newer version of Python is not supported.
Am I wrong?


You are right. The log analysis doesn’t work with Python 3. But this is something that should hopefully change in the future.

You can use Python 2.X and 3.X on the same system with no problem.

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@Lukas Is there an open ticket for this that you can link to?

@fdellwing Should a simple sudo apt install python2 do the trick?


You can find more information here:

This proof of concept passes all automated tests by changing only a few lines, but is not tested otherwise and a bit outdated in the meantime.

On most debian-like OS it should work.

You may have to search your apt cache for the exact package name, but as the python developers were so nice and put python3 in a new namespace, this is really easy. If you have probems with it, hit me with an information about your exact system