Using multiple Websites

Hi all,
I hope my question is not to far off-topic but until now, I found only examples for typical webpages…

So here is the case, we have one matomo on premise installed on our own server (OS Linux).

Than we connected Matomo with the first webpage, which is a wordpress installation (webpage No. 1). So far no problems, running smooth.

Now, we created another webpage (webpage No. 2), which is not a typical mainstream cms… meaning its no Wordpress, Joomla, Typo3 or similar…

Anyway, I have enabled the same settings but I am not able to get reportings, in the way that the dashboard widget is telling me that “no data is available” why?
Two messages appeared in this context…
first one with red background was informing about the following aspect:

 *> Visits log is deactivated in website settings. A user with at least admin access can enable*
  • > this feature in the settings for this website (idSite=4).*

the second one was complaining about a missing archive; with blue color background.

This all said, I am not sure about whats actually going on here.
In short:

I want to track two different URL’s

a.) Url: → working fine
b.) Url: → not working properly

We embedded two individual javascript codes, given by Matomo in our webpages.
We are using 1 mySQL database and one cronjob for this Matomo set up.

The first one (a) works well, the second one (b) does not. BUT from a User perspective (a) is public available and needs no credentials, URL (b) has been our intranet page, which we had to change since cornoa is going on BUT you’ll need to enter your credentials. Do I need to setup this page as an Intranet page? Is this my mistake in the whole story?
What do I miss here?

Thank you in advance,

You can enable/disable log there:

Then select site with id = 4

Also, if I remember well, when you create a new measurable, you have to specify if it is an internet or an intranet website…

Also take care of the DNT parameter…

(as most of browsers send DNT parameter without the user is aware of this option and sometime the inability to disable this behavior, I choose to disable this option in Matomo)